90 Day Fiancé star Hamza Moknii posts romantic pictures with Memphis Smith amid breakup rumors. His post suggests the couple is still together.

Hamza Moknii from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days posts two romantic photos with Memphis Smith, squashing the couple’s breakup rumors. After chatting with Hamza for nine months, Memphis flew to Tunisia to marry him during her two-week trip. However, the couple has a huge language barrier, and they can’t communicate without a translator. Besides, Memphis is now dealing with trust issues because Hamza lied to her about his age. 90 Day Fiancé viewers don’t think that Memphis and Hamza’s marriage would work because the couple doesn’t have anything in common.

However, it looks like the 34-year-old reality TV star did get married to her Tunisian boyfriend eventually. Memphis’ alleged ex-boyfriend claimed she recently gave birth to Hamza’s baby, and the couple is still together. However, Memphis recently posted a few cryptic emotional messages regarding her mistakes, which suggested she broke up with Hamza. In fact, Memphis’ mother claimed Hamza abused her daughter. Later on, Hamza posted a selfie from an airport, which made 90 Day Fiancé viewers believe he returned to his home country after splitting from Memphis.

However, it looks like Hamza still has hopes for his relationship. The new 90 Day Fiancé star has now posted two sweet pictures with Memphis on Instagram. His post suggests he has a lot of love for his American girlfriend and might still be together with her. He is hugging Memphis in both of the photos, and his hands are on her belly in one of the pictures. It seems likely they were taken in Tunisia when Memphis first visited Hamza and stayed at his family home. The Tunisian reality star didn’t write a caption, so it’s hard to say for sure why he shared this throwback post.

Although Hamza appears to refute the breakup rumors with Memphis, many 90 Day Fiancé viewers still don’t think this couple’s relationship would work. A user commented, “Listen to your Mom on this one… she’s not feeling her either.” Another chimed in, “You can do better, she doesn’t treat you well.” Someone else wrote, “I hope she is nicer to you than I see on TV.” Many also speculated that the rumors about Hamza and Memphis having a baby might be true due to the placement of his hands in the first photo. However, overall, Hamaza’s followers seem to think he deserves someone better than Memphis.

Memphis hasn’t commented on Hamza’s lovely post, and she isn’t following him. According to viewers, she is condescending, doesn’t respect him, and treats Hamza like a child. It is possible the couple had a fight, after which Memphis asked Hamza to leave, but he still loves her and wants to stay together. It’s possible the upcoming episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days will reveal new details about Memphis and Hamza’s unusual relationship.

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