90 Day Fiancé: Ella Johnson’s Selfish Behavior Is Turning Fans Off

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ Ella is losing fan support with what they consider self-centered behavior and unreasonable demands on Johnny.

As the relationships on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days continue to develop, Ella Johnson is irritating fans with her demands and the insensitivity she is showing toward boyfriend Johnny. Ella (who has taken a lot of heat for what some call an “Asian fetish”) and Johnny share a love of anime and engage regularly in online intimacy. The couple is the only one featured this season who still hasn’t met in person. Johnny, a divorced father who lives in China, continues to profess his love for Ella as well as his desire to come to America, but complications related to travel to and from China with regard to COVID-19 restrictions are making it very difficult for him.

Ella, who lives in Idaho Falls, Idaho, continues to grow impatient as Johnny’s plans to come to America keep falling through. Johnny, who has a lot of obligations in China, including supporting his parents and a 5-year-old son, would have to quit his job and leave his family for several months in order to make the trip to America. Ella threatened Johnny with changing their status to “an open relationship” if they don’t meet soon, and Johnny was left feeling upset and helpless about how to move their relationship forward. The latest episode saw Ella announcing the possibility of traveling to Dubai to meet Johnny.

Ella’s impatience and unwillingness to appreciate Johnny’s circumstances has 90 Day Fiancé viewers sounding off against her. Reddit user 87NashRambler has really had it with her antics and posted their take on the situation, saying in part, “Girl, GTFO. He has to quarantine for 5 WEEKS in some quarantine facility in COMMUNIST CHINA before he can work or see his family again. I’m done with her entitlement.” User thisisjustatributeee agreed, adding, “100%, she sounds like a spoiled brat. Her self involved bs is so hard to watch.”

Other commenters on the topic generally agreed that Ella was self-centered and selfish when it came to understanding Johnny’s particular dilemmas. Her tears left many unmoved. User caitriona85 summed up what a lot of people were thinking with, “The way [Ella] CRIED while asking her mum to financially support her if all of this doesn’t work out…holy cow. They enable her behaviour. Girl, you are a grown *** adult making decisions with consequences. Deal with it, or stop crying for pity when the things you poorly planned do not work out.”

Ella doesn’t seem to be endearing herself to the fan base of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. She has managed to offend a large faction of viewers with what appears to be an “Asian fetish” and her unreasonable demands on Johnny. Johnny seems to be devoted to her and appears genuinely upset at the prospect of their relationship failing. Whether they will end up meeting is still in question, but many fans are hoping that Johnny will wake up and move on from the relationship.

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