THE LITTLE Couple fans came to Jen Arnold’s defense when a cruel troll slammed a sweet photo she had posted of her daughter, Zoey.

The reality TV star has been sharing a lot more pictures of her kids as she works from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday, Jen shared an ad post where she read to her 8-year-old daughter Zoey as the young girl played while taking a bubble bath.

Despite people admiring the mother-daughter duo, one particularly cruel troll slammed Jen and asked: “Isn’t she a bit old to have mommy in the bathroom.”

However, fans quickly swarmed the troll’s comment and slammed her for criticizing such a sweet moment.

 Jen has two children - Zoey and Will - with husband Bill Klein

One fan wrote: “WTH is wrong with you people? Holy crap, has the whole world gone mad? This is a beautiful moment between a mother and a daughter, stop making it out to be anything else.

“Call your mom. Go to church. Pray more. You all need help.”

Another follower simply asked the troll to “go away.”

Over the past few days, Jen has been giving fans a glimpse of how grown-up her two adopted children are.

The family recently spent the day in the family pool as Jen encouraged her fans to stay hopeful amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in April, Jen told her fans that she was working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

 Jen has been sharing tons of photos with the kids since she's been working from home

Being a cancer survivor, the Johns Hopkins doctor revealed she needed to stay safe at home.

She also shared a lot more pics of her kids during these trying times, as she taught online classes, became a homeschool teacher and kept her kids entertained.

The two tied the knot back in 2009 and adopted their two children.

Will was adopted from China at the age of three, while Zoey was adopted from India at just two.

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