Laila has been a questionable figure since she first appeared on I Love A Mama’s Boy. She never holds back when it comes to her son, Shekeb’s girlfriend Emily. Laila has called her a bevy of atrocious names. This season, she seems to think Emily might be possessed. It has gotten so strange that she is even attempting to set Shekeb up with someone new, Yussra. Now, the fans are speaking out and they are not happy with Laila or Yussra.

Laila Takes It To The Next Level

At the end of Season 2, Shekeb appeared to be done with Emily. She rejected his promise ring in a really harsh way and that broke his heart. It also made her look extremely spoiled. There was no way to tell what would happen with the couple. When Season 3 started, he was back with Emily. Not only that but they were living together in an apartment. This was a really hard pill for his mama to swallow but then he asked her to come to bless the apartment.

Despite Emily bringing over a peace offering in the form of plants, Laila was still cold. She had one thing Shekeb needed to do in order for her to come by his home. Not only did Emily have to be away (so maybe two things) but he had to meet up with the daughter of her longtime friend. Yussra was someone she approved of and would rather him be with than Emily.

He was very hesitant but agreed just to appease his mom. They met for a lunch and actually had so much in common. Emily did not take kindly to this and, honestly, who would? It started a spiral that just kept spinning. Now, fans of the show are really livid with both Yussra and Laila. They all have valid reasons for this but what exactly has caused such disgust?

Fans Up In Arms

Laila has not gotten better no matter how hard Shekeb and Emily have tried. Recently, she attended a dinner party with Yussra as her date. It seems that her goal is to just keep pushing no matter how obnoxious it gets. Fans can no longer take it and started a Reddit thread to discuss. It started like this: “I despise these two. I’m so disgusted by the way they treat Emily. They’re coming off racist.” Fellow Redditors chimed in with their thoughts:

  • “The fact she was invited, by someone who was invited, and accepted, after being called a homewrecker, tells me it fake. Try not to get mad. I know it’s hard. The racist Mom needs to go away.”
  • “Yussura is an actress. Someone on another site posted her imdb info. Their story is fake.”
  • “I don’t like Emily but I would also be a raging b*tch if my future mother in law brought a date for my boyfriend to dinner”

The general consensus is that the three ladies all have issues. However, it appears everyone believes that the show is heavily produced and scripted. Therefore, they will do whatever is needed to bring drama and entertainment. What are your thoughts on Laila and Yussra? Let us know and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.

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