Why People Aren’t Huge Fans Of I Am Shauna Rae

ByIron Men

Jan 23, 2023

I Am Shauna Rae is a TLC reality series that isn’t receiving a lot of acclaim. Some viewers have taken to Reddit to criticize the show.

TLC’s reality show I Am Shauna Rae isn’t hitting the target with all viewers, and it’s time to share some negative fan reactions to the reality series. At first, viewers were intrigued by the idea of watching a 22-year-old woman who often gets misidentified as an 8-year-old girl. Now that the show is in season 2, some viewers are criticizing the producers and cast.

I Am Shauna Rae stars Shauna Rae, who legally dropped the last name Lesick in 2022. However, her family plays a major role as well. Shauna’s mother Patricia Schrankel and her stepfather Mark Schrankel are often featured, as are her sister Tara and half-sister, Rylee. She has another stepsister named Morgan, who isn’t part of the series. After having brain cancer as an infant, Shauna was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism, which stunted her physical growth. Mentally, emotionally and chronologically, she is 23 years of age. Shauna has multiple tattoos, drinks alcohol, and communicates in a mature way. However, at three feet and ten inches tall, she gets mistaken for a child regularly.

Why Some I Am Shauna Rae Viewers Don’t Like The Cast

Some Redditors have found themselves frustrated with Shauna Rae, as well as members of the family and TLC producers. In a Reddit post by u/TastyNisha420, Shauna was described as, “annoying.” The same commenter added, “She just seems bratty a lot of the time.” Another person remarked, “she has a nasty disposition…I think she is just naturally abrasive.

However, the series does get some positive feedback also. For example, I Am Shauna Rae stars Mark and Patty are considered a fun and loving couple, who are also kind parents, but others have labeled them clueless and immature. In a Reddit post by u/BazF91, a commenter stated, “They seem SOOO immature. It frustrates me how they go about everything. Shauna’s dating life, Shauna’s driving…their approach to the girls moving out…The dog situation is insane. They already had 3 dogs but then the pandemic happened so they got 2 more?! What kind of logic is that?”

Some I Am Shauna Rae Fans Think The Show’s Scripted

I Am Shauna Rae viewers who congregate at Reddit also feel like some scenes are scripted by TLC. They are particularly suspicious of the food fight that occurred between Mark and Patty during season 2. Redditor u/BazF91 called the scene, “TLC fraudery at its finest.” Many commenters agreed, with one saying, “Either TLC offered them $1000 to do it or to get some professional cleaners to clean their house afterward. Or both. It was one of those ‘f*** no, I’m not buying this’ scenes.” Fans are also extremely annoyed about the added scenes, where producers ask people who have just met or seen Shauna how old they think she is. This gambit does not get a positive reception from viewers. The TLC producers are apparently trying to capture their shock when they find out her real age, but the routine comes off as phony and insulting.

I Am Shauna Rae has a lot of potential, considering the fact that the show’s star has to face so many unique situations on a daily basis. The problem is that certain viewers do not find the cast members likable. Furthermore, they don’t think that the producers have made the right choices about the show. If there is a season 3, TLC might want to consider listening to its audience, and making some critical changes.

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