1000 Lb Sisters showed Tammy Slaton experiencing a tough road in her journey as she finally qualified for gastric bypass surgery. Despite her temper and breakdown, she managed her eating habits and lost enough weight to go under the knife. Initially, her sister Amy successfully dealt with her weight loss problems and had the surgery. Tammy then did not come to her sense and continued showing her tantrums in the previous seasons. She finally realized that she had to become serious regarding her weight loss when she was in a medically induced week-long coma. Finally, she had the surgery done, but she had to continue to shed weight and get into shape. In the middle of all this, Tammy posted a video where she was promoting candies. Seeing the video, fans freaked out. Has Tammy given up on her weight loss journey? Tune in to know everything.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Posted Video Promoting Candies After Surgery!

At the start of the show, fans saw both stars of 1000 Lb Sisters, Amy, and Tammy, struggling with their weight loss. While Amy managed to pass for the surgery first, Tammy was way behind. She was continuously gaining weight until she came to her senses. It happened after she almost lost her life. Now she has come far in the journey as she finally underwent the weight loss surgery. Recently, Tammy was seen advertising a specific brand of candies while eating it at the same time. In a TikTok video, she was giving information and promoting treats and snacks along with her husband, Caleb Willingham. This raised some concerns among the viewers. They came after Tammy and started slamming her for eating snacks that she should’ve avoided.

1000 Lb Sisters

However, Tammy did not stay silent this time and posted a video where she clarified the matter. In the second video that the 1000 Lb Sisters star shared simultaneously, she addressed the critics by saying not to come after her. She explained that she did not eat the whole bag of treats and snacks. Showing the packets, Tammy told people that she had just had two to three bites of the snacks, and the rest of the bags were still unopened. Her husband was supporting Tammy

from behind. She urged everyone not to slam her and say “nice words,” not only for her but for everyone. Additionally, she thanked the brand for sending the goodies and referred to them as tasty.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Finally Achieves Her Goal, Shows Massive Weight Lost!

A few days ago, an episode of 1000 Lb Sisters revealed that Tammy was nearly on her deathbed. She instantly gained weight after eating junk and not exercising at all in the last seasons. So, her health declined. At the same time, Tammy ended up having carbon monoxide poisoning. Hence, the star found herself in the hospital. The situation got serious as she started having trouble breathing. Her half-brother and castmate Chris Combs informed the family that she could lose her life if her weight wasn’t in check to qualify for the surgery.

1000 Lb Sisters

This situation made the Slaton family shocked, and they started freaking out. When Tammy got out of the hospital, she enrolled herself in a rehab center in Ohio. Eventually, she shed lots of weight and ultimately got approved for gastric bypass surgery. The surgery successfully took place in mid-month last year. She is recovering and has been showing good signs. Fans appreciated the celebrity for her hard work and determination. They are proud that she was finally able to achieve her long-desired goals. They will get to see her inspiring journey on the show in the new episodes.

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