‘LPBW’: Caryn Chandler’s Net Worth Will Shock You

ByIron Men

Feb 1, 2023

Little People Big World
fans know Caryn Chandler as the apple of Matt Roloff’s eye. But, Caryn brings more to the table than some fans might expect. In fact, her nest egg might even surprise some. So what do we know?

Little People Big World: Caryn Chandler Found Love on the Job

Before catching Matt Roloff’s eye romantically, Caryn Chandler worked at Roloff Farms as a manager. Indeed, Caryn worked at the farm for 10 years before eventually quitting and making her relationship with Matt official.

Even though working at Roloff Farms was undoubtedly a good gig, it seems Caryn was more than secure enough financially to leave that job behind and instead, focus on dating Matt. And based on her overall net worth, she can certainly afford to be leisurely in her life choices.

What Does Caryn Chandler Do Now?

With Caryn Chandler’s decision to quit Little People Big World, many viewers are curious as to how she will spend her time in Arizona. For one, she plans to rent out her Oregon property, so that will certainly be some income coming in as she settles into Arizona life.

But, even before deciding to quit Little People Big World and pack it up for Arizona, Caryn Chandler would often help out on the farm. And even though she hung up her manager duties long ago, she joked that she can’t quite “get away” – and that she was still helping fold shirts and “stock jam”.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Not Worried About a Prenup

The longer Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler have been together without putting a ring on it, the more Little People Big World fans wonder when the pair will make it official. And for those that think Matt needs to sign a prenup to protect himself and his assets, he clapped back, quipping that followers would be surprised at just how much Caryn Chandler brings to the table.

It turns out, Caryn Chandler has an impressive net worth, and the latest estimates say that she is sitting on a goldmine worth $4.5M. Indeed, Matt even joked that he hopes she is the one that lets him “sneak by”.

As far as how Caryn accumulated such vast wealth, there are claims that she was in business with her ex-husband, and that the business venture was profitable. And theories suggest that Caryn got a significant chunk of money in the divorce settlement, which would certainly explain how she acquired such a sizable sum of cash.

Meanwhile, when you combine Matt’s net worth with Caryn’s, the happy couple has more than enough of a nest egg to take it easy for the rest of their days. And with Caryn transitioning to a new chapter in Arizona, Little People Big World fans don’t think it’ll be long until Matt lives there with her full-time.

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