Meri Brown Enjoys Single Life In An Exciting Las Vegas Getaway

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Feb 1, 2023

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is enjoying single life in an exciting new Las Vegas getaway. After announcing her separation from Kody Brown in the Season 17 Tell-All episode, the reality star is making the best out of her getaway. She proceeded to tease fans with a stunning view. This comes after fans bashed her for the pricey ‘Love’ retreat that ranges from $400 to $6000. However, it was recently revealed that despite the lofty price tag, she managed to fill in the spots for the month of February. Keep reading to find out the details.

Meri Brown Teases Fun Holiday With Incredible Skyscraper View

The mother of one turned 52 on January 16th and revisited her life in Vegas where the family had an almost-perfect setup. On Monday, the reality star shared a clip of her trip on Instagram Stories. The view was of the incredible cityscape from her skyscraper hotel. Additionally, the clip showed nearby resorts, shops, and restaurants glowing with colorful lights.

Meri Brown Sister Wives Instagram

With On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons playing in the background, Meri captioned the post, “Las Vegas I’ve missed you!”

The TLC star also appeared on her best friend Jenn Sullivan’s Instagram Stories on Friday where she was seen arriving at the strip. Apart from Meri and Jenn, the picture also had another one of their friends. The caption read, “Y’all we are celebrating @therealmeribrown birthday all weekend, so we will see you next week!”

Meri Brown Sister Wives Instagram

Although Meri re-shared the pictures on her IG Stories, she didn’t elaborate on what they plan to do on their trip.

Paedon Brown Alleges Meri Brown Was Not Nice

While the mother of one is enjoying her new life minus Kody, she was recently bashed by Christine Brown’s son Paedon Brown. He claimed Meri wasn’t nice to a lot of the Brown children. In January, Paedon appeared on a YouTube Live with John Yates and spoke about Meri after a commenter made remarks that she seemed “abrasive and kind of mean.”

Paedon Brown YouTube Sister Wives

Paedon replied, “Abrasive and kind of mean are not strong enough words, they are not aggressive enough words. Meri was not nice…Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically.”

Mykelti Padron Claims Meri Brown Wasn’t Physically Abusive

He was also asked if Meri Brown’s abrasive behavior went beyond verbal. To this, Paedon explained, “Oh, it moves so far past verbal. Verbal basically stopped existing.”

The 24-year-old further claimed that his father Kody Brown was unaware of the situation for a very long time. He credited Robyn Brown stating that she opened the Brown family patriarch’s eyes to what was happening.

Meri Brown Sister Wives Instagram

However, later on, Mykelti Padron clarified that Meri Brown was verbally abusive and strict. However, she was never recalled her being physically abusive to the kids.

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