Many of those who watch 1000-lb Sisters are tired of Tammy Slaton’s excuses despite all of the stressors that stop her from losing weight.

1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton is a pro at finding ways to get out of living a healthier life, and there are many stressors that seem to be stopping Tammy from losing weight. Three seasons into the show, and Tammy is still plugging away on the same storyline, which shows her trying and failing over and over again to get gastric bypass surgery. When viewers first met Tammy, she seemed hungry to lose the excess weight and start living a more normal life. She was joined by her sister, Amy, who went under the knife and has since lost the weight.

Slowly but surely, Tammy started showing signs that she wasn’t exactly committed to changing her lifestyle. Even though Tammy’s doctors have urged her to change her ways or face possible death, the warnings don’t seem to phase Tammy and her resolve to eat what she wants. While viewers can empathize with Tammy’s journey, most think she needs to change her attitude or risk never achieving her goal.

For the TLC star, there are multiple stressors in her life that may be hindering her weight loss goals. One issue is her constant romantic woes. During season 2, viewers were introduced to Jerry Sykes, who became the show’s main villain. It was discovered that Tammy’s boyfriend was not only married but a feeder. Her breakup caused her severe depression, and she jumped into another quick relationship with Phillip Redmond. Tammy is causing herself immense stress by putting pressure on herself to get married even though none of the men in her life are suitable matches.

Viewers learned that Tammy was extremely stressed out after her breakup with Phillip because he was harassing her. The unsettling split caused Tammy to give up on her diet, too. Queen Tammy’s bad attitude also isn’t helping her. She has already had a few fallouts with Amy, who feels she is being a real monster. Tammy is usually extremely harsh when dealing with her sister. She resents Amy for achieving her goals and has now made their relationship an excuse for her failing weight loss journey.

For three seasons, Tammy has refused to take any blame for her failure. Instead, she insists on finding excuses. TLC viewers feel if Tammy really wanted to make a significant life change, then she would try to ignore the stressors in her life and listen to her doctors. Unfortunately, at this point, it’s likely Tammy will continue to act as if she is doing the best she can, whether or not that’s actually the case.

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