1000-Lb Sisters sibling Chris Combs may have gambled with his life on the family’s recent vacation. Did he make an ill-informed choice while visiting the amusement park?

Chris was there with Amy Slaton, Michael Halterman, and other family members. But some faulty info might have left him making a risky decision to ride.

1000-Lb Sisters: Chris Combs Dropped Weight But Not Enough for Bucket List?

Chris Combs had his bariatric surgery as seen on the TLC show. And he’s making good progress, but admitted portions are still an issue. He said on a recent episode his stomach was “the size of a football”. But after Dr. Eric Smith got done with him, it’s radically smaller. Of course, when he and Tammy Slaton were at the doctor’s, there was bad news.

While Chris is progressing, Tammy’s not. On 1000-Lb Sisters, she was up to almost 650 pounds. Then, he blamed it on the men in Tammy’s life. He says they’re fixated on her size and don’t want her to slim down. She admitted that it’s a problem. However, her half-brother has plenty of support from his partner.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

His wife, Brittany Combs, is very supportive. They married in 2016, when Chris was already heavy. She’s right there by her husband’s side as he tries to get healthier. Of course, 1000-Lb Sisters fans may recall Chris Combs’ main reason for seeking surgery. He doesn’t want his family to lose him like he lost his dad. Now, he talks about his bucket list and one item he hopes to do if he can lose enough weight.

Chris Panics at Rowdy Bear Amusement Park

On this week’s1000-Lb Sisters episode, Chris Combs, his wife, and others in their extended family are on vacation. Tammy Slaton, however, bailed on them after a panic attack. The siblings hoped Tammy would join them at the amusement park. That’s even though she wouldn’t be able to ride any of the attractions.

First, Chris Combs, Amy Slaton, and others posed for Old West photos in costume. Everyone commented that he looked apt in his Western bank robber ensemble. After photos, they headed to their first ride on 1000-Lb Sisters. It was a roller coaster at Rowdy Bear Amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. It was the Laser Gun Coaster.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

Chris said he hadn’t been able to ride roller coasters for “so long” because of his weight. Most amusement park rides have weight and size limits for the safety of the riders.

So, riding a roller coaster was a top item on his bucket list. He said he was too big to ride even when he was younger. So, Chris said he was a “fat boy” that had “to take a walk of shame”. He hoped the 32 pounds he lost since surgery is enough to get him on the coaster. But he’s worried he’s still too heavy.

Is 1000-Lb Sisters’ Brother Too Heavy to Ride?

Chris Combs took one look at the roller coaster and asked about max weight. The ride operator said it’s 375 pounds.  Chris walked away disappointed and said, “that leaves me out”. When asked how much he weighs, he said he was right at the limit. But, he said, “I’m not taking a chance”. The ride attendant tried to convince him saying “he’s still good” if he wants to ride.

So, on 1000-Lb Sisters, Chris Combs decides to go for it. The park employee said if the harness clicks, it’ll be okay. The staffer finagled the harness until it worked. He even moved Chris over into the other side of the gondola. Amy Slaton and Amanda Halterman encouraged him to go for it, despite him being at the max weight.

Chris Combs - Rowdy Bear Amusement Park

He was thrilled to be on a roller coaster after missing out for the past 20 years. Chris called it a “big moment” in his life. He said, “fat man leaving the ground is cool”. And he enjoyed it so much that he even went for a second ride. Meanwhile, the rest of the family sat out the second go-round. But was it safe for the 1000-Lb Sisters star to be on the ride?

Heavy Set Rider Dies at Theme Park – Was Chris Taking a Huge Risk?

First, what’s interesting to note is the max weight policy. You can see below that Rowdy Bear’s website says it’s 350 pounds total per gondola for the laser coaster. Meanwhile, the park staffer shown on 1000-Lb Sisters said it was 375. Of course, the harness did click shut and the system gave a green light. But why was the employee citing a weight limit 25 pounds higher than their online policy?

While amusement park rides in Tennessee are inspected twice a year, there is still a maximum weight limit that rides are rated for.

However, even with proper inspections, most roller coaster deaths happen to overweight people.

In 2013 at Six Flags in Texas, Rosa Esparza died after being thrown 75 feet from a roller coaster cart. She was short and heavyset, carrying her weight above her waistline. She died a gruesome death on the Texas Giant coaster. Similarly, an overweight man was flung from the Superman ride at Six Flags Darien Lake in New York. He was injured but survived.

Weight Limit - Rowdy Bear Ridge Laser Coaster

Already, Chris Combs was hesitant to get on the coaster on 1000-Lb Sisters. Because he was at the highest weight limit, according to the operator. But if Chris had known their website listed 350 pounds instead of 375, would he have gotten on the ride? With him making great strides with his weight loss, he’ll probably be able to enjoy more theme park outings.

But was this one too risky with the conflicting ride safety info? Check back to Soap Dirt for more 1000-Lb Sisters news.

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