Memphis and Hamza are drawing criticism for their 90 Day Fiancé romance, but the nurse also has critics insulting her attitude on the job.

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days viewers are shocked to read one-star client reviews about nurse practitioner Memphis Smith that recently resurfaced. Memphis and Moknii Hamza are heading towards an ill-advised marriage on Before The 90 Days, and the American and Tunisian duo are earning plenty of criticism from viewers. 90 Day Fiancé fans were furious with both halves of the couple for how they disrespected Hamza’s mother, Hayet, while fans also called Memphis out for thinking that sexual compatibility is the most important aspect in a marriage.

Viewers were impressed that single mother Memphis holds a respectable job as a nurse practitioner, but the American has so far been embarrassing herself on Before The 90 Days. Even though Hamza has not met her kids and the couple is unable to communicate or speak the same language, Memphis is determined to marry Hamza on her two-week trip. However, the American emphasized that their sexual compatibility must first be discovered. This led to Memphis and Hamza breaking his mother’s rule of separate bedrooms until marriage, which led to Hayet being visibly upset when she discovered them together. Memphis next earned criticism for publicly blasting Hamza for his poor skills in the bedroom.

User vita_woolf took to Reddit to share a trio of one-star client reviews that all painted Memphis in a similarly bad light. The nurse practitioner was blasted in the reviews for allegedly not taking the concerns of her clients seriously, which led to two of the reviewers claiming they were in tears after speaking with her. Memphis was accused of being insensitive to clients’ psychiatric disorders, as well as providing false diagnoses. “I have never been treated so poorly in all my life. I was gaslit about my symptoms when trying to get an assessment for ADHD,” one reviewer stated in their assessment. Another reviewer claimed a similar experience about Memphis refusing to believe what they allegedly told her. “She will gaslight you about your experience,” the verified reviewer wrote about Memphis.

Commenters quickly voiced that Memphis made a mistake appearing on reality TV and putting herself in the view of the public given her profession. “That’s why you also shouldn’t go on a popular reality TV show if you have a career or at least a client facing job,” one top commenter wrote. Viewers quickly started chiming in that Memphis didn’t seem qualified to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner given the way she behaves and the reviews that were shared. “Since the reviews were posted before the show was even out, it’s likely that they’re true,” one concerned fan wrote. “This is REALLY sad. This makes her look worse than anything on the show,” another concerned user voiced. Some fans pointed out that perhaps the reviews only represented a small percentage of patients Memphis dealt with, though many fans were concerned.

Although viewers have been calling out Memphis along with other cast members, the mother has not taken well to viewer criticism. Many viewers called out both Memphis and Hamza for the disrespect that occurred with his already fan-favorite mother. However, Memphis was furious over receiving too much blame for the incident. The nurse made it clear that she thinks viewers should instead direct their anger and judgment to Hamza. Meanwhile, Memphis and Hamza are about to face even more issues on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days, as Memphis will discover in the next episode that Hamza is even younger than he claimed to be.

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