Robyn Brown has Sister Wives fans talking after an old confessional resurfaced of all four wives talking about sharing their time with Kody.

Sister Wives fans are talking about Robyn Brown’s behavior towards her fellow sister wives. This isn’t the first time fans have come after Robyn for things she has said or done on the show. She and Kody Brown have been living together throughout the pandemic, prompting comments about the couple living monogamously while trying to claim they function as a polygamous family.

On Sister Wives, Robyn was called out on polygamy hypocrisy by fans recently for claiming that Christine is still part of the family until she sleeps with another man. She said the divorce wasn’t official until it was brought before church leaders. Kody has claimed that Christine mistreated Robyn for years in a family meeting, but fans think it is the other way around. In a recent Reddit thread started by AcademicUsual5146, a video from Sister Wives season 1 was posted in which Robyn, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown discussed how Kody was dividing his time between the four of them. Redditors were quick to analyze Robyn’s behavior to see how it has changed over the years, if at all.

Sister Wives Fans Think Robyn Was Demanding

The confessional posted to Reddit showed the four sister wives discussing how much time Kody spent with Robyn. Christine felt that Kody and Robyn spending every fourth night together was unfair, saying, “when they’re married, she gets equal time.” Robyn immediately pushed back on this comment, implying because “the courtship was so long” between her and Kody, that she deserves to get equal time with the rest of the wives. Robyn was a single mom supporting her children after divorcing her first husband. The courtship between Robyn and Kody was long, as she had to move her children to be closer to the Brown family, removing the strain of a long-distance relationship. Her demands were unreasonable to some viewers, with one commenter remarking that Robyn “demanded more than any of the wives had. It’s selfish.

Robyn Should Have Spent More Time With Her Sister Wives

Other followers believe that instead of complaining about needing more time with Kody for her kids, Robyn should have spent more time with her sister wives. She entered the Brown family as Kody’s fourth wife. Meri, Janelle, and Christine all had children before Robyn came to the family, and bonded with them as well as Kody. Doing so would have allowed Robyn and her kids to develop strong relationships with the rest of the family. In the past, Robyn said she had no relationship with her sister wives. Fans think this would be different if she had focused more on the family as a whole before she married Kody. Robyn’s entitled behavior towards getting to spend time with Kody put her at odds with other wives, making her entrance into the family more strained than it needed to be.

Sister Wives Fans Feel Like Robyn Used The Family

Robyn made clear several times that she wanted a polygamous family for her children, so they could grow up in a big family. However, fans feel she has used the family for her own gain. A few fans pointed out that while the other three wives worked, and Christine handled much of the childcare for all the children. Viewers were never sure what Robyn did for work, although she was often looking for something. It also struck fans that Robyn and Kody celebrated their wedding and two-week honeymoon shortly after the birth of Truely. In doing so, they left Christine home with a newborn for weeks without support from Kody or herself. Fans thought this made Robyn a major hypocrite, as she wanted the family for her children. Robyn used the family for resources to give her kids a different life without engaging with the wives or the children on a meaningful level.

Robyn from Sister Wives has been a controversial figure, but fans now see her attitude extends far back. Her blatant disregard for the family dynamics when she was introduced to the family was clear. Robyn’s insistence on having an equal share as a fiancé with the other wives overstepped boundaries that would’ve helped her be easily accepted as a new member of the family. Longtime fans believe this to be the reason for her tension with the other wives.

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