Little People, Big World season 24 viewers are less than impressed with recent episodes of the show, thanks to boring and repetitive storylines.

Those watching Little People, Big World season 24 aren’t enjoying recent episodes thanks to lackluster storylines. The show has been on TLC for over ten years, but the enjoyment seems to have disappeared thanks to the family drama. Zach and Matt Roloff have been embroiled in a nasty feud, but cameras are choosing to focus on boring outings to the park.

Many Little People, Big World viewers took to Reddit to share their disdain for this season’s boring storylines with user Sad__Robot noting they “have never fast-forwarded so much in my life.” Fellow thread participants also noted the last few seasons have been an “embarrassment” to the network. Little People, Big World used to be a comfort show for many fans as they could tune in for solid updates and wholesome family moments, but now most feel the show is boring, with one writing they don’t “care for it” anymore.

LPBW Viewers Decided Hot Dogs Were The Last Straw


The final nail in the coffin for Little People, Big World fans was a conversation between Tori and Zach. The couple was bickering over whether hot dogs were spoken about when planning their big BBQ. Even though the conversation was cute for about two minutes, fans threatened to boycott the show when the conversation filled up half of the hour-long episode. Viewers joked that it was all too much, especially when the word hot dog was used several times.

Little People, Big World fans believed that season 24 would touch more on the feud between Matt and Zach. As viewers will recall, the father and son had a major misunderstanding during negations over the family farm, which caused them to come to a stalemate. Matt believes Roloff Farm is worth much more than Zach is willing to pay, while Amy and Matt’s oldest son feels that his father reneged on a childhood promise. It would have made sense for more of the turmoil to be captured by the camera crew but instead, the network took a different direction.

Even though some Little People, Big World fans are now pushing for the series to be canceled, it looks highly unlikely that the network will do so. The show continues to be a steady hit, and if fans want it canceled, they would have to stop watching completely, which seems highly unlikely. For now, Little People, Big World viewers pray that there is no more talk of hot dogs or baked beans as they’ve clearly had their fill.

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