Little People Big World
newest family member, Josiah Roloff, is now seven months old and has had one of the most eventful months of his life yet. His doting momma, Tori Roloff, shared her youngest son’s monthly update on social media. Baby Josiah certainly had quite an eventful month of firsts.

Little People Big World infant Josiah Roloff is zooming through life and hitting milestones at every turn, It seems he’s reaching these milestones faster than his two older siblings, Jackson Roloff and Lilah Rloff, did when they were his age.

Continue reading to see what news skills and adventures Josiah experienced along a few other not-so-fun rights of passage.

Little People Big World: Josiah Roloff Celebrated Two Holidays This Month

Little People Big World cutie Josiah Roloff had a big month of celebrating his first two very important holidays. Since his last update, Josiah celebrated his first Halloween as well as his first Thanksgiving. Sadly Josiah was sick on Halloween and his momma was sick on Thanksgiving. In both cases, his Mimi Amy Roloff was on hand to save the day. According to Tori this month was a “doozy”. Josiah had a lot of ups and downs this past month. However, Tori says he gained some fun skills.

This past month Little People Big World’s Josiah Roloff survived his first flu. Josiah also was teething up a storm and as the month ended he did indeed cut his first two teeth. Plus Josiah took his first airplane ride this month to attend Papa Roloff’s celebration of life in Arizona.

LPBW: Josiah’s Voice Reaches New Levels Of Fun

Little People Big World mom of three Tori Roloff gushes over all the new skills her baby boy learned this month. Tori says,

“His smile can still light up a room, or his cry can tear a heart out!”

Additionally, Josiah is now rolling and “crawling” everywhere as well as finding a new voice level. Tori says that the new sound is actually fun. LPBW fans know Josiah is a good eater and doesn’t skip any meals. That trend continued this month. Josiah will eat anything in sight, food or not according to Tori.

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff in many ways had her hands full this month with Josiah. However, overall it was a huge month for Josiah and no doubt Tori is celebrating every fun and ad not so fun mommet. Tori closes her monthly update with this shout-out,

“We love this kid so stinking much!! I love his personality when he’s not hungry  keep growing si guy!”

LPBW fans as well love their “Si guy” and cannot wait to see what he experiences next month.

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