For fans of Doubling Down With The Derricos, there is some pretty great news. Just recently, Deon Derrico decided that he would share with his fans that the show is coming back. This is not the first time that fans thought that the family was filming. However, it is now official that the Derricos are getting ready to be back on TLC. Of course, seeing this on Deon’s Instagram made fans want to do some more digging. Here’s everything that we know right now.

The New Season Is Coming

For fans of the Derricos, they have been trying to get an official answer if there will be a fourth season. It turns out that Deon has made posts before that have confused fans. In one of them, he shared some behind-the-scenes footage of his family and this led his fans to think that they were already filming. Come to find out, this was just a video for Deon to share on social media and confused his fans. This was not the true filming of Season 4 and after seeing this, fans were let down. However, now it is official. Deon has shared photos of himself and his family with the crew for the show on his Instagram.

Deon Derrico- Instagram

He captioned the new post, “The Derricos behind the scenes of Season 4, Doubling Down with the Derricos… serving up pure love to the world… Many of you, our great supporters have been seeing us filming around Las Vegas… Stay tuned for the all-new season 4.”

Fans React To The Good News

As soon as the Derricos’ fans saw this post, they immediately flocked to the comments section. However, with all of the new changes that they have in their lives these days, fans are ready to see what is next for them. Of course, most of their fans talked about how they have been waiting so patiently to see the family. More so, they wanted to know how Mama G was doing. Of course, we know that Deon can’t say too much since he has an NDA with TLC. However, this is an official post of filming Season 4.

Along with Deon’s post, Karen Derrico has also been pretty active on social media these days. Her fans have applauded her for showing off her new look. She shared a video with her fans on social media that shocked fans. Karen wore very tight jeans and smiled at fans. They showed her a lot of love and complimented how great she looks these days!

Karen Derrico- Instagram

What are you looking most forward to in the new season of Doubling Down with the Derricos? Are you ready to see all of their new adventures together as a family? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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