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star Matt Roloff is hard at work on a project on Roloff Farms that is very near and dear to his heart. Matt is not working alone on this project. His youngest son Jacob Roloff is working side by side with him. Now that Matt decided to retain ownership of the farm and turn the “big house” into a short-term rental, he’s now laser-focused on the most important project to date on the farm. This, of course, would be his dream house he’s planning to build for himself and  Caryn Chandler to live in as husband and wife.

Little People Big World fans recall in Season 24, Matt and Caryn acknowledged that they are still living in separate residences. Further, the couple said they realize until they have a house that suits both of their needs, their wedding plans are on hold. However, Matt is making huge progress on Caryn’s house.

Continue reading to learn what this means for Matt Roloff’s plan to make Caryn Chandler his wife.

Little People Big World: Jacob Roloff Helps His Dad Move Closer To Marriage

Little People Big World alum Jacob Roloff is the only one of Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff’s four children who are actively involved with the operation of Roloff Farms. Over the last few years, Amy and Matt’s twin sons, Jeremy Roloff and Zach Roloff, each attempted to buy a portion of the farm unsuccessfully. These days Matt is no longer selling.  Jacob is not working as his dad’s number two in command. Also, he, his wife Isabell Roloff, and their son Mateo Rolof,f live in an RV on the property as well. In a recent social media post Matt shared, we see Jacob cutting the wood that will be used to build Matt and Caryn’s dream house on Roloff Farms.

Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff updated viewers of his family’s hit TLC show on the Season 24 finale episode that the permits for the new house were backlogged for 12-18 months. Matt and Caryn agreed to defer marriage plans until the dream house is finished. Sadly the delay in permits meant a delay in an engagement and marriage for the long-time couple. Now Jacob is hard at work on the building process. So one can deduce that the long-awaited permits must have been issued. Jacob’s work on this project brings Matt and Caryn’s anticipated marriage closer to fruition.

LPBW: Season 25 Now Filmimg – Caryn Chandler Quit

Little People Big World fans were overjoyed to learn multiple Roloff family members are back to work filming for another season. It will be the series’s landmark 25th season. Sadly Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, won’t be a part of the next season. After all the family drama the last few years, she’s taken a step back from daily involvement with Matt’s children and grandchildren. Plus, she’s focusing on making Arizona her full-time residence until she and Matt get married and move into their dream house on the farm.

Should this house project progress faster, LPBW fans might see Caryn appear in an episode or two. Matt popping the question would be must-see tv. No doubt Matt would want that captured on camera. Plus, most fans would love to see that milestone captured on film.

What do you think? Are you excited to see how Mat and Caryn’s dream house turns out?

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