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“What does the nanny do?” TLC’s Sister Wives fans will never forget this hysterical question. And ironically, neither Robyn nor Kody has given an answer yet. Fans were truly upset when they found out that the infamous couple had hired a nanny to take care of their kids. This was deemed “unfair” as the rest of Kody’s wives never got such a privilege. Due to a scandal related to Covid-19, he decided to fire the nanny. But it now looks like she’s back or maybe Robyn has hired another person to take care of her kids. Keep reading to know more.

Sister Wives: Who Was Robyn’s Nanny?
The ‘nanny’ issue was indeed one of the biggest and most entertaining ones to watch in the recent seasons of the TLC show. For those who don’t remember, Robyn had hired a nanny for her kids

during the lockdown. And she did not inform her Sister Wives about this. This was quite shocking for Meri, Janelle, and Christine. This is because they’ve raised kids, too, but never got to have a nanny. Kody also thought that Robyn needed help with the kids because she had so much to do.

Sister Wives

Christine and Janelle had pointed out that they, too, raised six kids each but never complained. In fact, both of them were even working professionals. Meanwhile, reports say that Robyn doesn’t have a job and stays at home mostly. She even has three adult kids at home that can easily help out with their younger siblings. On top of everything, Kody had set up strict rules during the lockdown for his family. But, it didn’t apply to welcome a nanny inside their house.

Robyn’s nanny Mindy Jessop had also caught the virus. She was accused of infecting others in the family. This was why it was reported that Kody had fired the nanny. So, she was no longer working for Robyn. Mindy is also Robyn’s niece and has had close connections with the family. Now, it looks like they’ve brought her back.

Sister Wives: Have Kody & Robyn Hired A New Nanny? Or Did They Bring Back Mindy Jessop?
On Reddit, someone posted a picture from the Sister Wives patriarch’s recent outing. The pictures had Kody, Robyn, and their younger kids, Solomon and Ariella, alongside another person. Based on the looks, the person seemed to be a nanny because she was holding things for the family. She had some clothes, a towel, and a water bottle in her hands.

Sister Wives

However, by the looks, it was hard to say if she was Mindy or a new nanny. Fans are theorizing that this could be the ex-nanny as they look similar. Whatever the case, fans of the show are quite upset with Kody and Robyn. Now that the other three wives have left, the infamous couple is doing whatever they want. What do you think about the situation? Tell us in the comments below.

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