After losing over 100 pounds, Winter Everett stuns The Family Chantel fans with her modeling skills. She glams up in sophisticated business attire.

The Family Chantel star Winter Everett flaunted her toned physique in another modeling makeover on Instagram. The Georgia resident has impressed fans with her weight loss transformation since her last appearance on the hit TLC show. Over the months, she has lost over 100 pounds and completely altered her looks. Not only has Winter changed her makeup style, but she has also enhanced her fashion sense, leading her to become an Instagram model. Since the conclusion of The Family Chantel season 4, the reality star has posted dozens of modeling photoshoots, confidently embracing her new self.

Winter recently unveiled another social media makeover by sharing her photographer Antoine Stephenson’s Instagram post. She wore two colorful dresses and flaunted her glowing face and curly hairstyle. The first picture showed her wearing a vibrant shirt with a blue and yellow pattern alongside beige-colored pants.

The second photo featured her sporting a stunning pearl white coat and purple dress. The young Atlanta native maintained her glamorous makeup throughout her makeovers, wearing maroon lipstick and long gold earrings. Winter’s photographer described the outfits as sophisticated business attire, revealing that it was a corporate style “#behindthelens shoot.”

Fan Reactions To Winter Everett’s Photoshoot

The Family Chantel viewers and other fans reacted positively to Winter’s new modeling photoshoot and complimented her confidence. An Instagram user wrote, “Damn! You were always beautiful,” adding that The Family Chantel cast member has become even more stunning lately. Another user said, “You are just so beautiful girly,” and supported Winter by sharing butterfly emojis highlighting her transformation. Winter’s brother Riverknight Everett wrote in the comment section, “These are bomb.” Overall, everyone was happy to see Winter thrive and were stunned to see how she had already transformed into a bold fashion model.

Winter has been working hard on her physique for the last three years. Her journey began when she was over 300 pounds and started working out to bring change. At the time, she naturally dropped a few pounds and kept pushing. Soon after, Winter found inspiration in another Instagram weight loss influencer and got herself a gastric sleeve surgery. Her procedure in Mexico helped her kickstart her massive weight loss journey, leading her to drop over 100 pounds over the years. Nowadays, Winter rocks a bold and radiant persona, which is why her modeling makeovers impress fans a lot.

Winter has been focusing on building her social image and becoming a successful weight loss influencer lately. While she previously posted some low-quality content that halted her growth on Instagram, she has now begun sharing more high-quality and entertaining posts. From showing her athletic activities to sharing new weight loss tips with fans, Winter is quickly becoming a well-known name among TLC viewers who want to see her featured on another show. Most people hope to see The Family Chantel star in 90 Day: The Single Life season 4 and finally try her luck at finding a genuine partner.

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