1000-LB Sisters has a new unexpected breakout star, and fans are begging TLC to give her her own show.

Amanda Halterman, 42, made a new TikTok video answering a fan question about whether or not there will be another season of 1000-lb Sisters.

Amy and Tammy Slaton’s half-sister Amanda stole the show in the most recent season of 1000-lb Sisters.Credit: TLC

After appearing on the show, Amanda quickly became a fan favorite.Credit: TikTok/ amandahalterman0

Amanda explained that because of the NDA she signed with TLC, she cannot discuss the future of the reality show.

She replied: “Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to talk about the question that you’re referring to, are you gonna get another season?

“I signed a non-disclosure agreement and I cannot disclose that information at this time, but I can tell you that I appreciate your support. So, appreciate you.”

In the video, Amanda had the camera in selfie mode as she spoke directly to the camera in a dimly lit room.

One of her tattoos of an infinity symbol and a heart was visible on her chest throughout the video.


After she posted the TikTok video, her fans flooded the comments begging her to get a spinoff show or start her own podcast.

One said: “Amanda, you need your own show! You’re so funny.”

Another wrote: ” You and Chris need a podcast!”

A third added: “I love you… you need your own show.”

Someone begged: “I want to see you and Chris on your own show. You are the kind of girl I love to hang out with. You are hilarious.”


Back in March, fans of the Slaton family deemed Amanda to be the most “authentic” member of her family.

In a popular 1000-lb Sisters forum, a fan asked an interesting question to the rest of the users.

The thread was titled: “Favorites/least favorites on the show?”

The user started the thread by writing: “Interested to see who everyone’s favorite/least fav characters are. I absolutely love Chris…”

They go on to say how much they like and respect Amy for trying to better herself for her and her children.

The fan also wrote a long paragraph about how much they dislike Tammy’s attitude towards her family and therapy.

In the comment section of the thread, there were multiple comments stating that Amanda was their favorite family member from the show.

One said: “Amanda is the most real and most authentic, she doesn’t seem to ham it up for the cameras she just calls it as she sees it.”

Another wrote: “Amanda is absolutely my favorite. I love her honestly and she is so beautiful inside and out.”

A third chimed in: “My favorite is Amanda. She seems to be the only one with any common sense.”

“Amanda is my favorite. She’s the only one in the family that has a spine but is also there for everyone she loves,” someone else said.

Amanda admitted that she can’t discuss the reality show due to an NDA.Credit: TLC

Fans have started begging for Amanda to have her own spinoff show and podcast.Credit: TLC

Amanda has also been deemed the most ‘authentic’ sibling on the show.Credit: TLC

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