Trent and Amber Johnstons have been one of the most popular cast members of 7 Little Johnstons.

The entire show revolves around their seven people family, who all have dwarfism. As their children get older, the couple has been ditching kids to spend some quality time together.

The two recently celebrated their 25 years of togetherness and left their kids at home. Trent and Amber shared a carousel of their latest photo dump, enjoying their special anniversary, as per tvshowsace.

They chose Instagram to publish their picture on Friday about the trip from Georgia to Key West, Florida. They simply informed their followers by adding “25 Years All Year. First trip without children: “#workharder, play harder.”

The couple is about to celebrate their 25th anniversary in November. Well, Trent and Amber are trying to get the most out of their special year. Hence, they are planning to celebrate all year long. They share a great bond despite having five children and being married for more than two decades.

In fact, the duo appears to be relishing every second of their fun holiday. In the pictures, Amber was wearing a white sundress, and Trent was sporting a green t-shirt and white shorts. They posed romantically together and shared a glimpse of their trip with their fans on Instagram.

7 Little Johnstons: Fans Shower Blessings As Amber & Trent Celebrate 25 Years Together!
Amber and Trent are infamous cast members, as they are quite the controlling parents. But recently, fans started gushing over their favorite couple as soon as they posted their pictures on Instagram. Hence, the audience congratulated the 7 Little Johnstons couple for achieving a major milestone.

One fan said they deserved that vacation so much and blessed them for their happier years ahead. While other followers expressed their warmest wishes. 13 has just ended, and many were asking if the shoe has finally come to an end.

Some even slammed TLC for stretching the storyline when 7 Little Johnstons had nothing interesting left. Moreover, fans slammed the makers of the show for showing a bathroom scene between Amber and Trent, degrading the show’s essence.

Furthermore, they have also been cracking vulgar jokes during the show, which has made the fans angry. So, now as the season got wrapped, they were off to spend some quality time alone.

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