The Little Couple - Will Klein - Instagram

The Little Couple star Will Klein is missing his bestie and shared a special montage revealing how he feels. He included several precious photos to capture his emotions. In exchange, fans sent lots of love his way. What did Will share, and who is he missing? Keep reading for all of the details.

The Little Couple star Will Klein misses his bestie.

On Instagram over the weekend, Will shared a new post with fans. He included a few sweet photos of himself and his family’s dog, Rocky. Sadly, the pup passed away last fall. They still have their dog, Maggie, who fans have seen on TLC and social media for years. And they’ve now adopted a few new additions.

The Little Couple - Will Klein - YouTube

The Little Couple – Will Klein – YouTube

While Will loves his family’s new pets, he’s missing Rocky, especially as the one-year anniversary of his passing grows near. So, as he thought about Rocky, he put together a short montage and posted it to TikTok and Instagram. It looks like Rocky and Will were the best of friends, so this was a hard loss.

Below, you can see the photos he shared of his bestie, whom he misses dearly. While creating the video, Will used a song called The Night We Met by Lord Huron.

The Little Couple - Will Klein Instagram

The Little Couple – Will Klein Instagram

The Little Couple fans miss the sweet pup too.

In the comments section of Will’s post, fans are sharing his sadness. It turns out that he’s not the only one who is missing Rocky. In a comment, one fan said, “Oh, that’s so cute Will. What a lovely bond you had with sweet little Rocky.”

Another one of his followers commented, “We miss Rocky, what a great dog.”

Many The Little Couple fans fell in love with the pup years ago, so they were devastated by Rocky’s death.

Will Klein has recently gotten into trouble online.

If you follow Will and his mom, Jen Arnold, on social media, you may know that he got in trouble for posting inappropriate content. The 13-year-old boy posted a viral TikTok dance video. While fans thought it was cute, they listened to the song lyrics and realized there was vulgar language.

Will and Jen decided to take the video down, and she issued a statement about kids, social media, and parenting. This new video about Rocky is much more tame and was well-received by fans.

So, are you glad to see Will Klein opening up and sharing his emotions? What do you think of these sweet photos of Rocky and Will over the years? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to Famouspeoples360 for more news about The Little Couple stars.

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