Sister Wives fans couldn’t get enough of the latest episode of Tell-All. Kody and his ex-wives are no longer backing down with their statements following the downfall of the Brown family. But Meri caught the attention of many with her interview. According to some, she’s clearly on the path of revenge, especially after her property dispute with Kody, which was documented during the Season 18 finale. She also took a dig at the patriarch’s famous line last year. Keep reading to see why fans went wild on the former first wife.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Addressed Her Unseen Efforts For Kody

The second episode of Tell-All featured Meri addressing her unappreciated efforts to work on her marriage with Kody. According to the Sister Wives star, she felt her love and loyalty were never valued by her ex-husband. She even did things she was asked to do in the hopes of reigniting their relationship. “All these things to be able to fix a relationship and I did every one of the things that he asked me to,” she added. However, she ended up with disappointment as Kody later expressed his loss of interest in getting back to what they used to.

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Meri Digs At Kody’s Famous Line

Some Sister Wives fans on Reddit also reacted to Meri’s scene during the Tell-All where she took a dig at Kody’s famous line last season about getting stabbed in his kidneys. According to the Sister Wives star, her ex-husband wasn’t emotionally available to her. But he gives such comfort to his other wives, which wasn’t a “dagger to the heart” but a “knife to her kidneys.” Here are some of the comments that Meri Brown received on Reddit:

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  • “A knife in the kidney. Meri had the number 1 moment of the night with that line! so funny!”
  • “When I heard that I died laughing!!! I was like yes Meri!!!”
  • Iconic! Meri has hit queen status after leaving Kody.”
  • “I mean she just nailed it! I absolutely loved the reference and it made Meri’s points skyrocket in my books.”

Sister Wives: Fans Are Excited For Meri Brown’s Potential Tell-All Book

Aside from Meri’s hilarious lines, some Reddit users are also excited for her potential Tell-All book. The Sister Wives star revealed in her interview that she’s letting her voice be heard, indicating that she’s no longer holding back from Kody.

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Meri was fierce tonight. The editing was sloppy and choppy because she had three different changes of clothing. She’s got a book coming out and when she promised not to be silent any more, she meant it. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Meri Brown has yet to share any updates about her rumored Tell-All book. However, the reality TV personality has already hinted at publishing a title after uploading a photo of herself last year holding a book with the caption, “There’s so more to the story.”

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