7 LITTLE Johnstons star Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston has given birth to a baby girl, but fans are worried about how the baby was being fed in the hospital.

The 21-year-old had her daughter Leighton last month and officially celebrated her one-month anniversary on Sunday.

Liz Johnston and her baby daddy had a baby a month ago.Credit: Instaram/lizzzjohnston

Liz posted a sweet video that showed some amazing moments in the little girl’s life.Credit: Instaram/lizzzjohnston

Liz shared a sweet montage video filled with photos and videos of Leighton’s first month of life on Instagram.

The photos range from newborn hospital photos and videos as well as clips of the first time parents with their baby at home.

In one clip in the video, Leighton could be seen in the classic white, blue, and pink hospital blanket above the plastic hospital bassinet.

A nurse was holding the newborn in one hand while feeding her with a metal spoon in the other.

The nurse was wearing gray gloves and a long-sleeved shirt while the baby gave them a skeptical look.

Liz captioned the post: “One month with our girl, Leighton Drew words can’t express how much we love you, you’re the sweetest and happiest baby girl, and I can’t wait to see where life takes you.”


Fans of 7 Little Johnstons on Reddit didn’t understand why the baby was being fed in such an unconventional way.

One asked: “What are they feeding the baby and why an adult metal spoon? I’m so confused.”

Another said: “Possibly bc she didn’t have a good latch. But I was given a nipple shield and a syringe to feed my first when he was having trouble.

“I’m a bit confused with the spoon-feeding milk.”

A user who claimed to have worked in a NICU then replied: “This is common when the amount of colostrum is too little to put into a syringe, but enough to give a baby.

“Nothing wrong with this.”

“This is how I fed my NICU baby at first,” corroborated another user.


Liz recently shared a new video of her newborn daughter amid rumors that she split from her baby daddy Brice Bolden.

On social media, she shared a snapshot of herself as she cuddled with her daughter as the TLC star smiled at the camera.

On Tuesday of last week, rumors of a breakup circulated when fans noticed matriarch Amber Johnston, 44, shared photos of daughter Liz caring for the granddaughter at her $400,000 Georgia home.

Amber uploaded a snapshot of Liz sleeping on the couch as she held her newborn in her arms.

One fan took to an online thread and theorized: “I’ve seen Amber post quite a few stories of Elizabeth and the baby.

“I really do think she moved back into her mom’s house. Does anyone else think she moved back there?”

Another fan claimed: “There doesn’t seem to be any photos of him with the baby except for the hospital ones while there have been plenty of her family members at home with her, but who knows if they’re still together or not.”

In one clip, the baby was eating off a metal spoon and fans were confused.Credit: Instaram/lizzzjohnston

Other fans stepped in and said it was a completely normal way to get the baby to eat.Credit: Instaram/lizzzjohnston

Fans think Liz is no longer with her baby daddy because of recent social media posts.Credit: Instaram/lizzzjohnston

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